Theories of Everything with Curt Jaimungal

Nathan Myhrvold on NASA’s lies, Theories of Everything, working with Hawking, and COVID lockdowns

January 29, 2021

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00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:08 Curt's story of becoming interested in Nathan Myhrvold 
00:05:04 How does Nathan remain so productive? (daily habits?)
00:08:49 The difficulty in taking pictures of large storms, waves, birds, and meteors
00:11:54 What problems are outside Nathan's ken? (nuclear power, etc.)
00:15:22 Working with Stephen Hawking (practically, how does one do so?)
00:17:41 Comparing Hawking to Einstein
00:22:24 Newton's contribution to the minting of coins (the ridges are because of him)
00:23:46 What's holding theoretical physics back (since the 80's)?
00:28:43 General relativity and quantum mechanics combine in a candle flame
00:30:21 String theory, Weinstein's Geometric Unity, Wolfram's computational model, and Supersymmetry
00:50:04 Our ideas of "simplicity" in math is wrong
00:50:48 "Laser cooking" and modernist cuisine
00:52:50 Reasons why Curt fasts
00:53:40 About "simplicity" in math and physics, continued
00:54:49 How does Nathan learn a new domain, quickly?
01:00:16 How would Nathan "solve the problem" of COVID?
01:03:18 RNA viruses replicate haphazardly and we're lucky COVID hasn't mutated more
01:10:17 Current lockdown is worse than doing nothing
01:13:20 The WHO suggesting masks were ineffective / counter-effective
01:14:53 The scientists are at fault because...
01:17:10 Was it China's authoritarianism that curbed the numbers or another factor?
01:23:04 What was different about South Korea, in response to COVID?
01:24:30 Herd immunity
01:30:53 COVID compared to the ordinary flu
01:38:34 On the "new strain"
01:42:45 No evidence for COVID being "only seasonal" and same with the common cold
01:46:58 Why did NASA analyze their asteroid as spherical (giving abjectly incorrect data)?
01:50:38 Solutions coming from outside the academy and established institutions
01:52:18 We've underestimated the danger of asteroid collisions because of NASA's data
01:56:27 NASA violated basic physical law, unethically
01:59:20 What's the alternative to trusting mainstream science, when not everyone can investigate an issue on their own?
02:06:28 How do you know what to trust in science without looking into the research yourself?
02:11:10 Food myths: Margarine vs Butter, Olive oil vs bacon oil
02:14:10 Health food advocates have killed people
02:15:19 It's dangerous to physically take someone's temperature before allowing them to enter
02:20:25 Why don't we talk more about geo-engineering solutions to global warming?
02:27:53 Global warming has become capitalism vs. something else
02:30:15 The best solutions global warming via geo-engineering
02:32:03 Myth: You need "fresh" ingredients for the best tasting food
02:34:53 How were the pyramids built?
02:35:26 Opinions on UFO's and Bob Lazar
02:36:03 On the Hard Problem of Consciousness and materialism

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