Theories of Everything with Curt Jaimungal

Chris Langan on IQ, The Singularity, Free Will, Psychedelics, CTMU, and God

July 13, 2021

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Chris Langan has the highest recorded IQ in America, and has invented a theory of everything called the CTMU based in metalogic.
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00:00:00 Introduction
00:06:00 How long does it take to learn the CTMU?
00:09:52 Introduction to the CTMU
00:12:03 Syntax and Semantics duality (Stone duality)
00:13:26 Syntactic covering, human cognitive syntax, and reality syntax
00:14:38 "Language" is more like reality than mathematical language
00:15:19 Love, related to "inner expansion"
00:16:28 There's no such thing as a "literal interpretation"
00:17:47 Standard physics is a linear-ectomorphic semi-model
00:19:59 Zeno's paradox and the problem with continuity / real numbers
00:22:00 The conspansive manifold
00:24:03 Meta-simultaneity
00:25:58 CTMU set theory vs ZFC
00:28:15 Metaformal system vs formal system
00:32:37 Free will and telic recursion
00:34:17 Evil is incoherent
00:35:20 Syndiffeonesis and the hierarchy of metalanguages
00:37:32 Difference from sameness (monism / nonduality)
00:40:00 Mach's principle
00:42:08 Expanding universe (expanding INTO what? vs. the metric)
00:44:37 How did Chris come up with the CTMU?
00:45:41 Newcomb's paradox and free will
00:55:16 Unary relations and syndiffeonesis
00:57:02 You participate in what you perceive. You help create the world.
01:01:38 A theory of everything must "explain" cognition
01:02:26 Origin of life
01:03:19 Many Worlds Interpretation is "hogwash"
01:08:17 Existence is everywhere a choice to exist
01:12:58 Definition of G.O.D. (God)
01:14:16 If consciousness is associated with quantum collapse, can a particle be evil?
01:15:25 Good vs evil (in the CTMU)
01:17:14 Human Singularity vs Tech Singularity
01:20:18 Mind uploading
01:22:14 Maximum entanglement speed
01:23:01 Liar's paradox
01:24:49 What is death? What happens after death?
01:26:38 UFOs / UAPs / Jack Sarfatti
01:30:58 Chris' paranormal experiences
01:39:10 On the criticism of Chris' CTMU (and Weinstein / Wolfram)
01:43:27 Supertautology
01:46:05 Interpreting different religions as aspect of the same reality
01:46:55 Why is atheism associated with being intellectual?
01:51:31 IQ and Stephen Jay Gould
01:54:19 Race and IQ
02:00:04 The truth about intelligence is that there's more to it than IQ
02:03:46 On Chris' personality, and how he chose his wife
02:11:18 New Atheism and Sam Harris / Dawkins
02:18:07 Hell exists
02:23:47 Belief vs action
02:27:29 God is his own bound
02:28:10 Who was Jesus? Who was Buddha?
02:30:52 Klee Irwin
02:36:05 Joscha Bach
02:38:33 Proto-computation vs Turing machine
02:44:50 Eric Weinstein's Geometric Unity
02:46:57 Stephen Wolfram's Theory of Everything
02:49:04 Donald Hoffman's "reality is an illusion"
02:50:34 Bohm and Bergson
02:55:07 Douglas Hofstadter's Strange Loop
02:56:37 Penrose and Hameroff
02:59:36 Thomas Campbell's "My Big TOE"
03:02:07 Noam Chomsky
03:06:06 Jordan Peterson
03:07:45 Metacausation
03:10:56 Logico-geometric duality
03:13:17 Trialic
03:14:47 [Dav] Where to contact Chris?
03:16:04 [Dav] Afterlife carries our memories?
03:18:00 How is consciousness defined?
03:19:26 [Dav] Wittgenstein and Jonathan Mize
03:21:44 [Steven Nikolic]  Information and logical ruleset are the only necessary ontology
03:24:08 [Carian Dudley] Which philosophers of the past came the closest?
03:25:19 [Carian Dudley] Gödel's incompleteness theorems and CTMU
03:26:58 [Timothy O'Brien] Leibniz's Monadology's relation to CTMU
03:27:44 [Eike Freidank] Difference relations
03:28:23 [Stephen Olis] Arenas where Chris feels dumb or average?
03:29:00 Nootropics, psychedelics, and meditation
03:36:27 [Snorre Grimstad] Can the CTMU help someone with a psychological disorder?
03:37:47 [Snorre Grimstad] Do you have to experience the world to understand it?
03:40:11 Rationalism
03:41:45 How is science limited?
03:46:02 The universe is more than the sum of its parts
03:48:20 What Chris would have done different in the developing his theory
03:50:35 Advice for YOU (the viewer), developing your own TOE
03:54:21 Philanthropism and Bill Gates
04:00:03 Advice for Curt

* * *

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